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Little Lambda Books is a small Maine publishing company founded in 2019, with a mission to make the world a better place by publishing stories that matter. We founded our company when we saw a need for a niche publishing house that would develop substantive children's books that promote respect and kindness, allow authors and illustrators to retain ownership of their work, and have more than a nominal dedication to give back to our community. We strongly believe that each of us can and must do our part to make our world a more caring and just place.


Our latest book, Iris and the Virus, was written to help kids cope with the Coronavirus pandemic. The profits generated by the first edition of this book will be donated to the Maine Community Foundation's emergency response fund.


We offer special quantity discounts for non-profits, literacy programs, and other organizations. Please contact us for details.


If you are an author or illustrator who shares our vision, please contact us. We welcome submissions.

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