Lambda logo of Little Lambda Books.
Lambda logo of Little Lambda Books.
 Image is the cover of the book "Jean and the Vaccine" by Sonny Dean, published by Little Lambda Books. Cover shows a coral background with a teal 7-pointed star shaped cartoon person holding an oversized cartoon syringe. The teal star is smiling and looking at the syringe. The syringe is 1/3 full of light blue liquid and pointing up to connect to a light blue inverted triangle with the title "Jean and the Vaccine" in black text in the triangle. The words "By Sonny Dean" are at the bottom.

Jean and the Vaccine makes the experience of vaccination easier for kids.

Factual and scientifically accurate, this book breaks down the basics of vaccination to give kids a better understanding through a fun, age-appropriate story.

It can be tough for kids to understand why their grownups are subjecting them to an injection. And it can be hard for grownups to explain why vaccines are necessary and how they work.


Jean learns what to expect when she gets her injection, how it works to protect her, and why she needs it. With this knowledge she can bravely do her part to protect herself, her family and friends, and her community.

Little Lambda Books is a children's book publishing company working to make the world a better place by telling stories that matter.


We are the publishers of Jean and the Vaccine, One Equals Many, Assumptions, Iris and the Virus, and The Yellow Square of Stonewall.