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We Stand With Ukraine: One Equals Many is a special edition of the book, One Equals Many.


The author, Sonny Dean, and the publisher, Little Lambda Books, are donating all profits from this book to United Nations Crisis Relief Ukraine.

Seeing the unspeakable horror of the invasion of Ukraine, many of us feel helpless and struggle with how to explain it all to the children in our lives. We at Little Lambda Books believe strongly that every single one of us can do our part to help, by calling our elected officials and urging action, raising money for relief efforts, fighting disinformation, and voting into power those who will do the right thing. It is more important than ever to realize the power we have together and remember that one vote can truly change the world.

Little Lambda Books is a children's book publishing company working to make the world a better place by telling stories that matter.


We are the publishers of Jean and the Vaccine, One Equals Many, Assumptions, Iris and the Virus, and The Yellow Square of Stonewall.